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Generate your custom keys online. This helps you secure your digital content on the internet and avoid illegal download
Retrieve your images at any-size without the need to store Thumbnails and different size images of the same image.
Major features in CloudFlare Software include: Show real IP in your blog. Block selected country to access your blog. Whitelist IP to access your domain name. Blcklist IP to access your domain name. Purge entire cache for your domain name. Purge single file URL for your domain name. Check your domain name analytic. Check your domain name latest visitor IP.
Upload Single Or Multiple Files Via Ajax, Upload Any Type Of Files (Not Only Images), Resize Images, Create Image Thumbnail (With Keep The Image Aspect Ratio), Possibility To Add Image And Text Watermarks, Easy Integration With Forms, Submitting Form By Using Ajax, Create Any Number Of Thumbnails Under One Upload, Customizable Paths To Thumbnails Folders, Customizable Thumbnails Sizes And Dimensions, Pass Custom Data, Files Extension Filters, File Size Limit For Uploading, Limit Number Of Uploading Files, Auto Upload, Upload On Button Click, Upload On Form Submit, Custom Upload Button, Upload Statistics, Compatible With Mobile Devices,
This helps you to stop spam by asking the user to type a random generated Verification Code.
The Visitor Heatmap is for recording and visualizing user behaviour on your posts or pages. This is especially useful for acceptance testing, A/B tests and many more for your website
Visitor Stats’ is a WordPress dashboard widget that allows you to monitor visitors to your website in real time. Easily ban IP addresses from accessing your website, and redirect them to a URL of your choice
This will compress your website and make it loads faster, resulting in better SEO Results and reducing bounce rates.
Contact Us Form For Your Adsense Sites form is a bootstrap based contact form which can be easily integrated with HTML or PHP pages using just two files. All files have proper titles according to their functionality. Perfect contact us form has jquery validation, two kinds of mail functions php mail and smtp mail and also it is responsive.
Qr Code is type of Barcode that you use on your website. This type of barcode you can read by mobile phones like iphone or all with Android system, Inside you can insert some information like link ,text, email address, phone number ,contact information and more ,this message we read by your phone. Normally you to create this you can use google chart but the syntax use terrible this class create link for you in easy way you pass only some information and you get correct link for google chart
This simple plugin transforms your UCM into a fully featured email ticket support system. Lets your customer email you and those emails will come straight into your UCM system! If the email comes from an existing customer it will even file that support ticket under their account. An autoresponder is sent letting the customer know their support ticket was received. It assigns them a support ticket ID number and a position in the support queue.