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Vidyz Enterprise: Unlimited video hosting and full functionality, Video Choice, GIF creator, Interactive video, and more
Changio is Bretts cloud based software that allows even the most technically challenged person to edit any web page. Even pages that they do not own or have access to!

If you are not currently a Changio user you will get it for free as part of this special bonus. If you are a Changio user, send in a support ticket with your receipt ID and account log in email and you will be upgraded to 'agency access' as your special bonus!

This cloud based software will let you take any text article and instantly and automatically rewrite it so that it is unique content. Instant Rewrite is not for sale, you cant buy it, you can only get it as a special bonus!
The most powerful jacking software Brett has ever created. Hijack any website and put your video pop up with scarcity and call to action over it. This is an 'invite only' software and is not available to the general public.